• Recode your world with talent

    Recode your world with talent

From 250 to 1.500 new talented individuals per year


01 Schools are simple to open and run, with reduced operational teams, and no required teaching team

01 Edu System makes it possible to open schools with 250 to 1,500 new students per year, without the cost and loss of time involved in recruiting, training and paying a team of teachers.

An operational team of 15 people is sufficient to manage a school of 3,000 students per day. (1,500 new students per year).

01 Schools can be opened very quickly, a building area of 2000 m2 makes it possible to create a school that welcomes 250 new students per year.

01 Edu System allows the implementation of different operating models

Franchised, in white label…

The philosophy of 01 Edu System is to allow and facilitate the deployment of its pedagogy so that it can best meet the demand for software engineering quality education from young people who want to change things by getting involved in the digital world. All projects in line with this spirit and philosophy will be carefully studied.

Under the banner Zone 01

01 Edu system recommends a profitable and scalable disruptive model, under the banner ZONE 01, engaging students in a 4-year collaboration with the Zone 01 school: 2 years of paid studies and 2 years of salaried collaboration with the school, working on the partner companies projects.


A disruptive model of a school that is also a profitable company

A 2 + 2 model

4-year collaboration of collective intelligence, with the local partner companies.

Zone 01 schools involve their students in a 4-year paid collaboration that includes 2 years of training and 2 years of career development by working on projects from the school's partner companies, in association with 01 Talent technology.

Zone 01 associates its partner companies by offering them privileged access to school resources and re-skilling programs.

  • Priority access to re-skilling programs for their employees and managers
  • Possibility of interacting with the student community and submitting projects or ideas to the collective intelligence events of the school (hackathon, seminar...)
  • Advantageous rates available for developer services
  • Targeted access to hire the best talent profiles for their business

A growth talent agency, 01 Talent


the network tools to manage talent growth and student career opportunities

01 Talents works as a talent agencies and offers dedicated online tools for managing the students' creative careers. With the help of data analysis and student pathways, these online tools make it easy to accurately match the best profiles to the professional opportunities that the schools will collect. They favor relationships with companies looking for talent and students looking for jobs that enhance their experience.

These tools work as a social network linking students to their school and linking all 01 schools together, giving students access to international opportunities to improve their profile.


Unlike any other educational program

Based on successful experiences, the immersion of professionals in the student community is particularly effective in re-training these profiles to equip them with valuable digital skills

Tailor-made re-skilling programs


The platform offers tailor-made programs to reskill professional profiles in digital transformation. Specific programs are easy to implement within the 01 curriculum, offering an invigorating and enriching school life.

Intended for companies and social organizations, they make it possible to integrate and train unemployed people, employees and managers, and even create special digital transformation sessions for senior executives.

Retraining school within a company


For companies faced with significant and lasting needs to up-skill or re-skill their employees, setting up an open school and mixing new student with professionals is a solution that can be quickly implemented with a high level of success.

Example of a 6 month re-skilling program in digital transformation