• Recode our world with talent

    Recode our world with talent

Nicolas Sadirac's new educational platform for high-level training in code and innovation

01 Edu System presents an innovative curriculum in software engineering and programming. With a renowned industry-leading reputation, the curriculum has been rigorously designed for learning skills of the digital world and technology industry. Taking a different approach than the classic teaching methods today, learning is facilitated through a collective and co-créative process in a professional environment.

Nicolas Sadirac

I have designed the 01 Edu System to address the worldwide needs of talented co-creative developers

O1 Edu System broadcasts the most advanced collective intelligence education system to open and run revolutionary coding schools now

Built and fine-tuned from the learnings of existing projects Epita, Epitech, Web Academy and 42 school, the O1 Edu System platform is the most scalable, learner-friendly, flexible, open, versatile, and technologically up-to-date project yet.

A 2 year intensive program with more skills and results than those obtained in 5 years of a classic pedagogy approach.

"Intensive program"

This new curriculum is built as a response to the shortage of quality creative developers which hinders the development of digital transformation and innovation

no teachers, no classes, no courses

"Peer-to-peer pedagogy"

01 Edu System offers a proven peer-to-peer pedagogy revealing the best creative coders through mutual help and intelligent collective confrontation, in a caring atmosphere

01 Edu System values skills and soft skills that employers are looking for :

  • Problem solving
  • Co-creativity
  • Critical and analytical thinking
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Collaboration
  • Time management
  • Autonomy
  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Ability to interact in collective intelligence organizations…

Inclusive schools

01 the Edu System allows the opening of inclusive schools of excellence in computer science by identifying and revealing talents that could not be spotted by conventional programs.


The 01 platform includes improved online tools and cognitive games designed to identify personalities within a large population with promising potential for developing strong coding skills

Unlike any other school, the 01 platform is open to the professional re-skilling market

Re-skilling market

On the basis of successful experiences, the immersion of professionals in the student community is particularly effective in re-skilling these profiles in digital skills.

The platform offers tailor-made programs, at school or in companies, to re-skill professional profiles in digital transformation.

  • Atos becomes 01Talent’s technology partner in Africa to identify, train and connect the digital talent of tomorrow to jobs

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    Atos becomes 01Talent’s technology partner in Africa to identify, train and connect the digital talent of tomorrow to jobs
  • The new coding school, grit:lab, is officially launched on the Åland Islands in the middle of the Baltic Sea. The grit:lab campus offers the highest technology and inspiring offices – and just so happens to be surrounded by some of Northern Europe’s most beautiful views.

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    grit:lab - pioneering tech education at Paf’s headquarters
  • A public and private partnership choose 01 edu to open the new Jõhvi School of Technology in Estonia

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    Jõhvi will be a new technology school based on self-study
  • Alem school open in Nur Sultan, Kazakhstan

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    The first school driven by 01 Edu System pedagogical platform opened last October in Nur Sultan, Kazakhstan
  • Nicolas Sadirac details his journey and experiences with active pedagogy in his book “Apprendre 3.0”

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    Nicolas Sadirac shares his experience in Apprendre 3.0